Limited-edition Galentine's Day Stanley cup tumblers spark chaos at Target, selling out in minutes

By6abc Digital Staff, CNNWire
Thursday, January 4, 2024
Limited edition Galentine's Day Stanley cup tumblers spark chaos at Target, selling out in minutes
Limited edition Valentine's Day Stanley cups are causing chaos at Target.

The world is going wild for Stanley cups. And no, not the hockey kind.

Just ask Target.

It appears that for some Valentine's Day revelers this year, nothing will spell L-O-V-E more profoundly than the gift of an oversized rose-hued stainless steel insulated tumbler that's downright clunky, way too heavy to carry around when filled up for "all-day hydration," but is still a solid viral sensation in the New Year.

Target in December dropped a limited-edition Valentine's collection of Stanley tumblers in bright pink and cherry red tones that included an enormous 40-ounce mug, smaller two-pack tumblers in cute packaging with the message "It was Love at First Sip," and a Stacking Beer Pint tumbler.

Shoppers jumped on the items, in some cases quite literally. The proof was documented in TikTok videos that showed people lining up outside of Target stores waiting to rush in to grab these limited-edition Stanleys when doors opened.

Other videos captured the mad dash to the Valentine's Stanley displays in a Target store and a few shoppers tripping and falling along the way.

Target said the collection launched in its stores nationwide and online on Dec. 31. The retailer told CNN on Wednesday that the products were extremely popular and have sold out.

It also said that the Valentine's Day Stanley editions won't be restocked, but that Stanley fans can expect other Target collaborations with the brand in 2024.

The 111-year-old Stanley brand is enjoying a massive resurgence of sorts with a much younger clientele of tweens, teens and young adults.

Invented by William Stanley, Jr. in 1913, the all-steel vacuum-insulated bottle was originally invented for keeping food and beverages hot or cold, and has since become a popular go-to camping and hiking accessory.

In recent years, the "Quencher" 40-ounce cup has gained rapid social traction because of its ability to keep beverages hot and cold for extended periods of time, and the fact that despite its size, the tapered bottom still perfectly fits in a vehicle's cup holder.

In November, a Stanley collaboration with Starbucks triggered similar viral tremors for the limited-edition holiday metallic red Quencher tumbler. The cups also quickly sold out. If you really still want one, a few have popped up on eBay, among other resale sites. But be prepared to shell out a few hundred dollars instead of $50 or less if you scored one from the retailer.

Resale site Mercari told CNN on Thursday that "Stanley" is currently the number one searched item on the platform, driven by the interest in the Valentine's Day-themed products. Mercari said search volume is up 163% for them.

Target said its Valentine's Day collection is priced from $20 for the smaller sized tumbler, $30 for the two-pack and $45 for the Quencher.

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