A unique concert for boy battling muscular dystrophy

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024
A unique concert for boy battling muscular dystrophy
A magical day! The choir at George Ranch High School performs a special song for a 4-year-old battling a rare, fatal form of muscular dystrophy.

RICHMOND, Texas -- Austin was 5 months old when his mom, Hannah Lowe, learned her son has a rare form of muscular dystrophy called L-CMD.

"It's caused by a single letter change in his DNA," Hannah shared. "That then causes this catastrophic, and fatal disease."

In the fall of 2023, Austin and his older brother, Ean, were contacted by Sing Me a Story Foundation to write and illustrate a story about anything they want.

Together they wrote "At the Park" which describes a magical day that includes a rainbow squirrel.

The foundation then worked to turn that story into a song, connecting Composer Thane Wimberly and the choir at George Ranch High School.

"The story really gave me a lot of color to play with in my music and I just used that," Wimberly said.

The longhorn choir performed the story turned song at their Spring Concert in front of the brothers and their family.

"I know it will be a memory that sticks with them and with me for a lifetime," Hannah said.

There is no cure for L-CMD and statistically, life expectancy is less than 18 years. Hannah started the L-CMD Research Foundation to fund researchers and scientists working to find a cure.