New zero proof bottle shop Wallace Dry Goods open in Ardmore

ByNydia Han and Heather Grubola WPVI logo
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
New zero proof bottle shop Wallace Dry Goods open in Ardmore
Wallace Dry Goods in Ardmore is a beautiful new bottle shop with a bounty of non-alcoholic choices, everything from beer and wine to spirits, including gin, tequila, and whiskey.

ARDMORE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The non-alcoholic industry is exploding. Just a few years ago, you might find a bottle here and there, but now there are entire lines dedicated to providing a boozeless option. In our area a new store has opened doing just that.

"I have set up here a drink that Miranda from Sundry Mornings put together, so it uses the tequila, a rose cordial, her grapefruit shrub and we top it with some prima pave," said Robin Cummiskey.

Welcome to Robin Cummiskey's new business in Ardmore called Wallace Dry Goods. It's intoxicating but not in the way you might think.

"I've been in retail my whole career, I was more on the fashion and accessory side," she said.

Cummiskey always knew one day she'd own her own store.

"I just didn't know exactly for what. And as I was going through my own, on again, off again, relationship with alcohol, these products really helped me," she said.

That's when the idea for this boozeless beverage boutique was born.

"So my middle name is Wallace and it was my great grandmother's maiden name as well," she explained. "And then the dry goods is a play on non-alcoholic."

The bottle shop promises to source the finest no or low alcohol refreshments.

"I missed being able to go into a bar or, you know, make a cocktail just without the alcohol. So as these products got better and better, I wanted to be able to help showcase them and show people that they exist," she said.

From taste to style, Cummiskey says boozeless beer, bubbly, wine, and spirits have come a long way now, meeting sophisticated flavor palettes - including an agave based tequila that she said it worthy of sipping, savoring and sharing.

"The businesses really made a lot of effort and making these products look as beautiful as they taste as well," she said.

And Wallace Dry Goods provides a full experience, including special events and classes and a daily tasting bar that serves up rotating samples and the occasional craft mocktail.

"We have non-alcoholic bitters as well as mixers and syrups. We want people to play with these products and use them exactly the same way you would their alcoholic counterparts," said Cummiskey.

The whole point is to take the pressure off those who prefer not to imbibe by providing options and a community space.

"People are also just excited to have somewhere to go, something to do that isn't involving alcohol, or even just to get them out of their house for any reason," said Cummiskey.

As for the reaction to Wallace Dry Goods?

"Some people are confused, thinking that it is alcohol. Other people are curious. We've had you know a handful people come in and get teary because this is the first place that they've really felt a part of the experience," she said.