Warminster karate school using mist machine amid coronavirus outbreak

WARMINSTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- While coronavirus fears have caused a brief stock market hit and canceled trips and cruises, it's proven to be beneficial to business for disinfection companies.

Martial arts can be a full-contact sport, both with your sparring partner and close encounters with the mat.

In light of the flu season and heightened concern around coronavirus, East West Karate in Warminster is taking a one-two punch approach on disinfecting.

"In this environment today with everything in the news flu season, coronavirus, we're doing our best to clean everything. We even brought in an industrial machine that fogs the whole place to kill all viruses in every level," says Mike Vacca the head instructor at East West Karate.

That machine is called a Curis. It's solution Hydrogen Peroxide mist reaches all cracks, crevices, and heights you may not reach.

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Bridget Collins is in the karate class. She sells the disinfectant machines to hospitals and care facilities.

"Coronavirus lasts on a surface longer than most viruses and that's the issue--it's shelf time and relying on everyone cleaning properly," says Bridget Collins who works for Pathago.

The demand for disinfectants is going through the roof. Collins says it's quadrupled in the last week.

"I was on the phone all day today talking to facilities, nursing homes, hospitals. They are like, 'How quickly can you ramp up?"

While the old methods are still in use: dusting, mopping and hand sanitizing, the misting machine adds a layer of protection and peace of mind.

"It's a school, so we just want to keep our kids safe, happy and clean and send them home feeling good," says Mary Mele of East West Karate.
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