Shirts help ballpark employees impacted by coronavirus

CHICAGO -- Obvious Shirts is a Chicago t-shirt company known for their sayings when it comes to baseball, but this time the apparel company is raising money for a cause.

"Wash your hands sounded like a good message. It followed our brand," said Obvious Shirts founder Joe Johnson.

Johnson said his apparel company states the obvious things that need to be said in sports in hopes of getting a reaction out of people.

"The 'wash your hands' stuff came to me pretty organically when all this stuff was kinda going around in the news and media, and I thought, 'we need to be doing everything we can to prevent this from spreading' and rule number one is wash your hands," Johnson said. "When someone reads the shirt, they get it. They react to it and hopefully it stirs up conversation."

Proceeds from "Wash Your Hands" shirts are being donated to help Chicago ballpark employees affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

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