Woman's kind act of a friendly lunch goes viral

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

LOUISE, TX (WPVI) -- A small gesture can lead to bigger things and for one Texas woman, an act of kindness that bonded two new friends is going viral.

Brooke Ochoa of Louise, Texas, posted on Facebook last week that she went to a restaurant for lunch and held the door open for a woman.

It turns out both of them were there alone, so Brooke asked the woman if she'd like to dine with her.

They did. As they sat and chatted, Brooke learned about the difficult time the woman has gone through.

Her mother, with whom she had lived, recently passed and her aunt had moved into a nursing home.

The conversation went on, and after the meal, the two decided to have lunch together again every Thursday.

Brooke posted about the day and her new friend on Facebook. As of Sunday morning, the post had been liked 1.7 million times, shared 225,000 times and had more than 100,000 comments.