Tips to save money on your cell phone bill

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
VIDEO: Saving on your cell phone bill
An expert offers tip on how to cut down that monthly cell phone bill.

Is your cell phone bill costing you more than it should?

We tapped into an expert with inside tips on how to save money on that monthly statement.

Todd Dunphy used to work for Verizon, but now runs Validas, a company that helps businesses cut down on wireless waste.

Dunphy's first tip is to know your limits. Apps like My Data Manager track your data usage and set off an alarm when you're close to your monthly maximum.

"Streaming is definitely the most dangerous thing you can do over the carrier network," says Dunphy.

Next he suggests to let free websites like

Tell the site what you need and they'll tell you if your plan is the right fit - or if there's a better one out there.

Dunphy and his team analyzed a bill from the Wilson family.

The Wilsons are a family of 5 who already pay nearly $200 a month - and are looking to add two of their kids to their family plan.

Looking at their current bill, he found out that while dad Ron loves streaming sports games online, mom Keri pays to get online too but never does!

Dunphy suggests cutting that from their plan will save around $240 every two years.

Tip number three is to watch out for mystery charges before you sign up for a plan.

For example, the "iPhone 6 Impact Check Smoke" listed in the billing statement is fancy language for an iPhone case.

"You don't pay $3 a month for something that most likely over 2 years is going to cost you $72," says Dunphy.

His next tip suggests that you keep up with your carrier's latest promotions. Even if you're already a costumer, you may be able to cash in!

"That is also available to you, but they never come out and say hey 40 million subscribers - this is better for you," says Dunphy.

Using this tip, Dunphy found the Wilson family a new offer with a big return. The new plan will save them $720 over the next two years.