What's The Deal: Don't let money mistakes ruin relationships

When was the last time you and your partner had a financial heart to heart?

Before finances lead to a fight, our friends at Money Talks News have tips on how to make money something that brings you together, not tears you apart.

Experts say one of the best things a couple can do to get ahead financially is to live together. One mortgage or rent payment, one set of household expenses - the list goes on.

But merging money is a double-edged sword, because money mistakes can drive a wedge into any relationship. Ask anyone on the front lines of the budget battle.

Money Talks News says the number one cause of divorce is money.

Secrecy: that's one of the major money mistakes couples make. Spending money behind your partner's back. The solution? Combine cash to pay household bills, but each keep a separate stash and do what you want with it without any secrets.

The second mistake is not having a budget. Start with a joint goal, then create a plan to get there together.

Next, no will. If you should die, you should know what should go where. Everyone should have a will, and talking about it opens the door to all other money-related things.

Mistake number four is not talking about how your savings should be invested. If one's a gambler and the other conservative, don't ignore it - compromise.

And the biggest mistake is not talking it out. From the moment you're serious until the day you die, the more you talk honestly about money, the fewer problems you'll have.

One more tip from Money Talks News is to have a financial date night.

Sit down and review your progress and set new goals and plan on how you will reach them. But, try to make it fun!
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