6abc celebrates Thanksgiving with the Brady family

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Friday, November 24, 2023
6abc celebrates Thanksgiving with the Brady family
6abc celebrates Thanksgiving with the Brady family

WILLOW GROVE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Prepping for Thanksgiving with the Brady family is a lot of hard work.

It takes days getting all the fixins ready, but they say it's worth it.

"A lot of cooking, a lot of shopping, a lot of cleaning to get ready for all of this. So I will relax tomorrow," laughed Karen Brady, who is hosting her kids and grandkids.

Thanksgiving at the Brady household is full of family, fun, and of course food!

"I really like turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce," said eight-year-old Kylie Brady.

A crowd favorite that's turned into a Thanksgiving tradition is the sweet potato casserole.

"Definitely the sweet potatoes, she probably mentioned my grandmom would make it. [It's] probably really sugary, probably why we fell in love with it," said Karen's son Joe Brady.

While the adults are busy in the kitchen, the kids are busy outside playing in mommom's yard.

"They're running all around, definitely brings me back to probably when my parents were watching us running around, and now I'm watching them run around," Joe said.

Food aside, the Bradys are thankful to spend the holiday together.

"I am thankful for being alive, and my family and that we get to celebrate Thanksgiving with everyone," explained Kylie.