Police: Wilmington detective paid to have car set on fire

ByBob Brooks WPVI logo
Friday, August 5, 2016
VIDEO: Arson insurance
VIDEO: Arson insurance

WILMINGTON (WPVI) -- A Wilmington police detective is facing multiple charges after investigators say he paid someone set his car on fire.

Detective Ahmard Reddick, an 8-year veteran of the department, is charged with second-degree arson, conspiracy in the second degree and related offenses.

According to police, Reddick reported an attempted arson of his vehicle Tuesday on the 3100 block of Lancaster Avenue.

Court documents state it all began when Reddick asked a colleague at the police department for the number of a man who had a history with law enforcement.

Reddick then called that person and met with him on Monday at the Penn Cinema IMAX.

The suspect is quoted in court documents stating, "Det. Reddick advised he needed him to do something for him the following night," so they met back at the theater on Tuesday.

Documents state, "Reddick told him he needed his vehicle totaled by fire. The two agreed on a sum of $100.00 dollars."

From the theater, detectives say Reddick drove the suspect to a nearby Hess gas station.

Investigators say the suspect is caught on video filling up two Gatorade bottles full of gas.

From there the suspect went to the parking lot of Tollgate Liquor, where he was told what to do.

Documents state, "Detective Reddick gave specific instructions for him to enter the vehicle, pour the gasoline and light the vehicle on fire."

After the job was done, the suspect was dropped off at Elm and Maryland Avenue.

On top of being caught on camera at the gas station, detectives say the two are spotted on camera at the theater and the liquor store.

The motive?

Documents show Reddick owed someone a big debt and he drew up this plan to get the cash from the insurance company.

Reddick was arrested without incident on Thursday at a residence in Middletown.

He was arraigned and released on $17,000 unsecured bail.

Reddick has been placed on administrative leave.