PennDOT Preparing For Possible Freezing Rain In The Lehigh Valley

SOUTH WHITEHALL TWP., Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- PennDOT officials say the roads across the Lehigh Valley have been pre-treated with salt and brine.

So now, they wait to see what Old Man Winter has in store for the overnight hours leading into the Tuesday morning commute.

A lot depends on the temperature, and the timing of any approaching rain or snow.

PennDOT spokesperson Ron Young says he is keeping his fingers crossed.

"Tomorrow morning during rush hour it may or may not be an issue depending on when the precipitation ends. But, we are hoping it ends sooner so we can treat it and tomorrow when everyone needs to go to work and school they will be okay," Young said.

With that said, AAA has re-issued its annual safety recommendations, including: slowing down and increasing your following distance while driving in wintry weather, remember that bridges and overpasses freeze first and melt last, and pack a vehicle emergency kit.

That kit should include items like blankets, nonperishable food, water, a flashlight, and batteries just in case.

Meanwhile, over at Albright's Hardware in Allentown sales of snow blowers have been brisk.

Shop owner Ken Ringer says, "Even in a bad year we still sell about 75 snow-throwers on average, this year has been exceptional as well. I think because we had late snows last year and we also repair snow blowers, so people are looking to buy new this year also."
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