Lancaster, Pa. jeweler's business explodes after Taylor Swift wears custom bracelet

The people asked, so Wove Made Inc. just added more affordable options for the iconic bracelet.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Berks County jeweler's business explodes after Taylor Swift wears bracelet
Berks County jeweler's business explodes after Taylor Swift wears bracelet

LANCASTER, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Many of us know by now that the 'Taylor Swift effect' is a fierce one.

A fine jeweler in Lancaster, Pennsylvania found that out last week, when a custom diamond initial bracelet, "Taylor-ed treasure," was seen on the popstar after the Kansas City Chiefs won the AFC Championship.

Now, Wove Made Inc.'s sales are up more than 2,000%!

The store is a veteran-owned small, bespoke fine jeweler, with just eight employees and a CEO who is a Wharton School graduate.

The karma feels all the more real with a Berks County-born star putting a Lancaster County business on the map.

"We were like, 'Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God. It's happening. It's happening,'" squeals Simone Kendle, the CEO of Wove Made Inc.

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That was the moment Wove employees saw their bracelet on Taylor Swift.

"Had the Chiefs not won that game, we probably would have never seen the bracelet on her," Kendle says. "That's the wildest part. She had to be down there to give him that hug, to have that embrace, in order to see the bracelet."

Kendle explains that pro-golfer Michelle Wie West collaborated with Wove last summer for a collection that included a Swift-inspired diamond friendship bracelet.

Wie West is friends with Travis Kelce, saying they've played a few rounds of golf.

Swift is, in Kendle's words, "the queen of friendship bracelets."

Around Christmas, with Wie West facilitating, Wove gifted the couple matching friendship bracelets with the letters "TNT" (Travis and Taylor).

"We kind of sat and we waited, and we watched every single Chiefs game after that point, looking for the bracelet," Kendle explains.

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"It's been a little cold, so there have been a lot of sweaters worn and jackets, so wrists were not seen. We couldn't see any wrists!" she laughed.

She joked that they hoped someone would crank up the heat in the boxes so that Swift would push up her sleeves.

Thanks to the big win and even bigger hug and smooch, it seems the world has now seen the iconic TNT bracelet.

"The correct word is crazy," Kendle says. "We have seen a 5,000% increase in our site traffic. We've seen a 2,000% and growing increase in our sales."

The people asked, so Wove just added more affordable options for the bracelet, with fewer diamonds, chain links, and even sterling silver.

"We're a small brand out of Lancaster," Kendle explains. "This kind of stuff doesn't happen to people like us very often."

"I am a Wharton grad leading the way. I'm a biracial woman leading the way. We have two veteran founders who fought for this country and are now able to have this amazing moment for their business. It's been incredible," she added.