Slushy, icy storm around region

January 28, 2009 4:05:49 PM PST
In Manayunk this morning, the sidewalks were treacherous.The streets of this neighborhood, notorious for it slippery hills when snow and ice descend, quickly became slushy and passable.

Drivers were happy about this, but were worried about what will happen tonight when the thermometer drops and most of the side streets have not been plowed.

At side streets such as DuPont and Baker, they are so narrow and treacherous when you have weather like this, they seldom if ever get the attention of streets department.

"They're slushy now, but it's cold out, and they are probably not going to get plowed because these are all one way streets and I don't think the plows can fit down," resident Andrew Cox said.

City Hall says it was aggressive today despite major budget concerns. On major thoroughfares, 4,000 tons of salt spread on nearly 1,500 miles of streets that were plowed.

The mayor says the relatively gentle nature of this storm meant they could actually get to 70 miles of so-called tertiary streets.

"In big storms, we would not be able to hit tertiary streets, given the lower level nature of this storm, and the way it changed, we were able to hit some of those streets even today," Mayor Michael Nutter said.

In the notoriously narrow streets of South Philadelphia, the story was the same. Small streets slushy, but passable, but fears it'll be icy and treacherous at night.

Meanwhile in the Lehigh Valley, officials will be keeping an eye on their "traffic cams" looking for any signs of trouble.

The road crews continue spreading the salt and sand and clearing the way for drivers as best they can.

As PennDOT continues working around the clock, Lehigh Valley residents bask in the glow of what's been the coldest winter in years.

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