Buy, Sell clothes on

April 12, 2010 3:27:57 PM PDT
Shoes for $15 or $20, a Coach bag for $119 , and Chanel sunglasses for $45. Those are just some of the deals we found a new website called ""

Vanessa Kuo explains, " is a social online fashion marketplace that allows people to sell and buy clothes for no fees. We don't have subscription fees, listing fees, or registration fees. And more than that, we're a community."

On Smashion, sellers post photos of the items they'd like to sell and set the price. Items stay up as long as the sellers want, and they can lower the asking price if an item isn't bought.

The result: Some great deals.

"It's like spring cleaning, but daily," Kuo says. "Say you don't wear a top and you've had it in your closet for years and you love it, but you know you'll never wear it. You might as well get some money off of it."

Some items are new with tags, others are used. Shipping prices are usually listed and multiple items from the same seller can be sent together. The site doesn't guarantee the listings are accurate, but will try to mediate disputes. Still, there is an element of "Buyer Beware."

"A lot of the items are new with tags, so you can see that they're the real an genuine article," Kuo says. "Some of them, they do write that they are replicas. So those you can generally tell. If you see something that looks like a Coach bag and it's $6.00, you know it's fake."

To check out, click here.