School helps unemployed workers start over

July 21, 2010 2:44:19 PM PDT
With so many people applying for what appear to be so few jobs, dozens have been attending classes in search of ways to build new skills.

"My former career was at a bank. I was there for 10 years," said 52-year-old Ruth Alford.

Alford said she never saw herself starting a brand new career but, after losing her job almost a year ago, she had no choice.

Now she's on unemployment and taking medical assistant classes at the Anthem Institute.

The Cherry Hill school is filled with students in the same boat as Alford, on unemployment after losing their long-time careers.

"As a result they have now opened up their arms to these types of vocational school environments to find a whole new vocational road, and they may be 45 years old," said instructor Marti Brettler.

It was a humbling experience for David Silver, the spouse of WPVI employee, who was once a Certified Public Accountant.

"To be honest I went from a six figure salary and now I'm considering starting at the bottom in a new field," Silver said.

Many of these students are using their unemployment benefits to get through school, so you can be sure they were keeping a close eye on the unemployment benefits bill set to be passed by the Senate.

"I was actually worried because my unemployment just ran out last week," said student Kelly Dougherty.

A green light from the Senate means these students could pursue careers that would otherwise have to be put on hold.

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