Egg donor, biological daughter connect using DNA testing kit

"When I saw her, I started to cry because she looks so much like me," Sheila Gilmore said. "It's crazy."
CHESTER COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Widely available DNA kits have unraveled incredible information, and they've also connected biological family members.

An egg donor from Chester County, and a daughter born from that science, found each other through 23andMe.

It turns out they live just one hour apart.

Sheila Gilmore, who donated some of her eggs in the 1990s, got a message from a 28-year-old woman.

Gilmore soon discovered that the woman was born from that donation.

The at-home DNA kit connected them instantly, but this is clearly a bond that will last a lifetime.

"I've never seen a story like ours," Gilmore said. "It's hard to believe."

It began when Gilmore and her husband turned to IVF to have a baby.

"Jim and I did not have $30,000, so the doctor said if we donated half of my eggs, it would be free," Gilmore said. "I was also helping somebody else at the same time."

All of the eggs she donated had been successfully fertilized by other families.

"But none of mine had fertilized," she said. "They told me I was never going to have children."

Gilmore did 23andMe because she was adopted and wanted to learn more about her history. Ella purchased the kit to discover more about her biological mother.

"For the longest time, I thought if I could just see a picture to know that I look like her, that's all I would need," Ella said.

In moments, 23andMe made a perfect match.

"When I saw her, I started to cry because she looks so much like me," Gilmore said. "It's crazy."

They're both musicians, they have the same smile, and they both like to talk a lot.

"Every time we hang out, it's awesome," Ella said. "We vibe really hard."

Ella has a twin brother. That egg was also from Gilmore's donation.

"I'm his mother too," Gilmore added.

In another twist of fate, Gilmore and her husband did have a child naturally. Catherine is just a few years younger than Ella.

"I always wanted a sister," Ella said. "So now we get to talk and do sister things together."

Gilmore added, "The biggest surprise for me was how quickly I felt attached."

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