'Tips for Jesus' strikes again with $2,000 tip at California restaurant

One anonymous patron at a Mexican restaurant in San Francisco showed his gratuity in a big way: with a $2,000 tip.

Tips for Jesus, a popular anonymous tipper who posts photos online of large gratuities they've left at numerous restaurants, recently posted the following image of a huge $2,000 tip left at San Francisco's Tacolicious. That $2,000 was a nearly 4,000 percent gratuity on the original $50.74 check.

"Big thanks to Manny, Jared & the crew at Tacolicious in the Mission... :) #tipsforjesus #godbless #thumbsup #boomboom# #happynewyear #2015," the post reads. Tacolicious says that their restaurant is appreciative of the generosity given by the anonymous tipper.

"We've had the T4J person visit our restaurants numerous times over the course of the last few years," a Tacolicious staff member named Joe wrote to ABC in an email. "We're not sure who he or she is. We are a pooled house and the staff -- both front and back -- is very appreciative for the generosity."

While the anonymous user behind the Tips for Jesus account has never identified himself, there is speculation that the tipper is former Paypal VP Jack Selby, according to Valleywag.

"It's just about helping people out . . . it's not hard to give back"-to tip a little extra, pay for someone else's drink, engage in small acts of kindness, even if it's at a level somewhere below tens of thousands of dollars," the tipper told San Francisco magazine in February. "When justified by great service, magnanimous gratuities are achievable by everyone-no excuses."

Tips for Jesus recently left $11,000 on tips at Phoenix area restaurants two days following Christmas, ABC News reports.

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