4th Of July plans look different for most Philadelphians

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The fourth of July usually means a huge fireworks show and crowd on the parkway in Philadelphia this year, people are on their own with almost all of the usual shows canceled.

"I'm working, I saw the place, there are no fireworks going on, so I need something for my kids," said Jason Faggiola of Wissahickon who visited a fireworks tent in Overbrook.

The people operating the tent said sales are up from years before. The city is warning anyone who does set off fireworks to follow the rules; only use non-aerial items and launch more than 150 feet from any structure or power line.

Shaun Cuffeld of West Philadelphia says he needs something to entertain his son.

"With the pandemic and all the looting and rioting and everything going on, I'm fortunate to still be at work still, supporting my son," he said.

The city says while most activities are canceled, being outdoors isn't. There are a lot of places in Fairmount Park still open, like Parks on Tap and Treetop Quest.

"Go explore the horticulture center, go check out the public art, the Japanese houses here on the grounds which are open to the public, the pavilion and the trees," said Kathryn Ott Lovell, the commissioner of the parks and recreation department.

Still, many people we spoke with say their only plans are to stay home. Rhonda and Marcus Joyner bought a grill for a holiday barbecue and couldn't fit it in their car when a stranger named Joe offered to help them home.

"There are still nice people. they don't make people like this anymore," said Rhonda.

"Some people really do care," said Marcus.
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