Rape suspect uses "Plenty of Fish" dating app to allegedly lure victim

CINNAMINSON, N.J. (WPVI) -- A sex assault suspect has been arrested in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. Thanks to the same dating app he allegedly used to lure his victim.

Twenty-two-year-old Jerrell Manson is accused of attacking a woman after meeting her on the dating website, Plenty of Fish.

Cinnaminson Township Police say the female victim got into Manson's car, he drove to a secluded area and allegedly raped her before taking her cell phone, wallet and identification. Manson then kicked her out of the car.

That's when she was able to call out for help. David Duran happened to be driving by on River Road and Taylors Lane.

Duran saw her waving her arms, "I paid no mind to it. I went about my day. But as soon as I turned around something just told me to turn back. So I came back and she told me some man just raped her and took all her stuff."

Duran called police on his cell phone and waited with the victim until they arrived. "I'm glad I did. Who knows if anybody would have ever stopped," said Duran.

On April 17, police were able to catch Manson using the very same dating app, Plenty of Fish. Investigators posed as an interested woman, and when Manson showed up, he was taken into custody.

Detectives found the victim's ID still in Manson's car.

Investigators are concerned there may be more victims out there. Cinnaminson police say the suspect, Jerrell Manson is also connected to a similar sexual assault in Edgewater Park.
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