Philadelphia businesses, employees do their part to help prevent spread of coronavirus

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Many employees Action News spoke with on Thursday said their workplace is adding hand sanitizer around the office because of coronavirus.

"I work at a hospital, so obviously people are very aware of it, and there's a lot of memos going around," said Erik Zachwieja, a surgeon at Thomas Jefferson Hospital. "People need to be very conscious using hand sanitizer as much as possible."

Many people inside Reading Terminal Market said their workplace had added sanitary supplies because of coronavirus. At 30th Street Station many commuters said they were being cautious on their way to and from work on public transportation.

"I might be using my feet a little bit more to open doors, or go through circular exits," said John Dormuth, who said he commutes between Harrisburg and Philadelphia for work.

Others said they're trying to avoid as much hand contact as possible.

"We got to elbow bump," said Cassandra Monroe, from West Oak Lane.

Some people also said they're taking time off from work because of the virus.

"I work with thousands of people individually in my particular workhouse that I'm in, and the coronavirus has made me nervous enough that I am willing to take a pay cut, per say, and stay away from work for a couple of days to avoid any sort of illness or symptoms," said Alan Peters, from Hightstown, New Jersey.
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