How to help children handle election stress

Kids have perhaps been playing a bigger part in this election than ever before, even though they are not yet old enough to vote.

So, you can imagine that they might be feeling the same sort of anxiety that adults are.

We've seen kids voting with their parents, attending rallies and wearing items to support candidates.

For many, it's the first election they will remember.

Experts say the key is to be honest about our feelings, but also to make kids feel hopeful and in control.

"So, regardless of the outcome of the election, what are some things you can do? What are some things that we really believe in as a family? What are our issues? And what can we do regardless of the outcome going forward, so that we feel empowered, and that we have some agency?" said Dr. Jessica Kendorski, the chair of the Department of School Psychology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

She says right now, many families are divided, and no matter which candidate wins, the goal should be teaching kids civility and the ability to move forward. We, as adults, have to set the example for that.

"And lowering our temperature," Kendorski says. "The entire temperature of the country needs to be lowered. We all need a collective, deep breath, and our kids will benefit if we just take that collective deep breath."

She also says to keep the political conversations and content age-appropriate.

And remember, they feed off of our energy. We set the tone and the vibe for the household.
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