'Frustrating': People wait in long lines at NJ MVC two days in a row

LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WPVI) -- A long line formed outside of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission in Lawrence Township on Tuesday morning.

"It's freezing. It was snowing earlier, yeah it's annoying," said Rita Yadav, of Chesterfield, New Jersey.

Some people said they were waiting in line as early as 5 a.m.

"I don't know what to do my license is expiring tomorrow. I was here yesterday for about four hours they told me the same thing," said Victor Muriz, from North Plainfield, New Jersey.

Muriz said he's having issues making an appointment, so he showed up in person yesterday, only to find out there wasn't time for him to be helped. So, he got in line again today, to find out he may not be seen today either.

"Frustrating, it's just frustrating," said Muriz. "Two and a half hours waiting here."

Tracey Stohwasser said he was waiting in line for about three and a half hours before he was helped. He was in line to get a state ID. He said he was also in line yesterday.

"You got to get here early if you want something," said Stohwasser.

Action News has reached out to NJMVC, and just got a response, via email answering some of our questions:

  1. At the end of the month, we always have long lines, even pre-COVID.
  2. There is still a high demand for new licenses, which is the main reason people are there; there are also many people who get in line before opening who don't need to be there (e.g., their transaction can be done online or by appointment; once we explain this, many are turned away).
  3. Once we open at 8 a.m., it takes a while to determine why people are there and whether they are in the wrong place or need to do their transaction online or by appointment. Then it takes a while to get them checked in via the text notification system. Once that process is done, the line will be cleared. At our busiest agencies, like Bakers Basin, that can take an hour.
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