Denzel Washington, Michael B. Jordan talk about 'A Journal for Jordan'

It's a story of love, loss and sacrifice, and it's told through the journal of a military war hero.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021
Alicia Vitarelli speaks with author and cast of 'A Journal for Jordan'
Alicia Vitarelli speaks with the author and cast of 'A Journal for Jordan.'

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- 'A Journal for Jordan' is coming to theatres this Christmas.

It's the latest film directed by Denzel Washington, and it's based on true events.

It's a story of love, loss and sacrifice, and it's told through the journal a military war hero left behind for the infant son he barely knew.

Jordan's mom, Dana Canedy, wrote the New York Times bestseller of the same name.

She worked with Washington on the set of this film that captures her love, her family, and their heartache.

"The love story that's there is truly incredible between Charles and Dana," says Michael B. Jordan, who portrays the late First Sergeant Charles Monroe King. "The love that he has for his son and his family is unmatched."

First Sergeant Charles Monroe King is an upright military man.

Dana Canedy is a New York Times journalist.

Their son Jordan was an infant when Charles was called to serve in the Middle East.

Canedy trusted director Denzel Washington to turn her memoir into a feature film. She was there on set, along with Jordan.

"Denzel showed such tenderness with Jordan, and got to know me and understood that we weren't just characters," Canedy says. "It's an honor for both of us. We are grateful for this experience."

The cast got to know Charles through his family and through that journal for Jordan.

"I just tried to promise Charles every day to do my best, and I promised Dana and asked Charles to be with me," Washington says.

Michael B. Jordan says he learned so much from Charles and his service, his passion for life and his family.

"He taught me that you have to cherish the time that you have with people, that tomorrow's not promised," Jordan says.

Dana describes watching the film with her son.

"It was beautiful," she says. "I felt Charles there with us and I knew he approved. That was good enough for me."