Action News Morning Team connect together on a Zoom call

Matt O'Donnell Image
Friday, May 8, 2020

The Action News Morning Team is not only practicing social distancing in the studio, half have been working from home for safety precautions.

But that didn't stop them from reuniting - albeit over Zoom.

Matt O'Donnell described the virtual gathering:

David and I haven't seen Tam or Karen in person for more than a month. This is after working with each other in the same studio for 15 years.

We have tried to engage in conversations on the air, but we all agree it's just not the same. And the slight delay between our transmissions with Tam and Karen at home doesn't make it any easier.

So, the morning team decided to reconnect with a Zoom call and share a portion of the conversation with you.

Watch as we explain why having two people working on the show remotely has its challenges, what our hopes and fears are with an end to the COVID-19 pandemic and what we are all yearning to do once this all truly ends.

The experts agree: "Zoom fatigue" is a real thing.

Watch our entire conversation on YouTube.