Top 6 Thrift Stores: St Vincent de Paul's in Medford, New Jersey

We are counting down the top local thrift stores thanks to your votes!

Your number 6 pick: St Vincent de Paul's Thrift Store in Medford, NJ.

I dug my way around St. Vincent de Paul's Thift Store to see what treasures I could find. The store has what seems like miles of well-organized pants, sweaters, shoes, home decor, and books.

Every person has a purpose in making this well-oiled machine run smoothly. It's run by about 160 volunteers, and all without a paycheck. Some of the volunteers have even worked for the nonprofit for over 40 years.

The store is an extension of St. Mary of the Lakes Church and their mission is to help those who are in need. The ability to help relies primarily from thrift store revenue and donations from the public, and after all these years, has grown to help 150 families at any given time.

So you see, it's more than just hand-me-down stuff to dig through. It's the future and well-being of a family who needs help.

To find out how to volunteer or donate, go to
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