Troubleshooters help after dumpster dumped on lawn, multiple NYC traffic tickets issued

After many months Richelle Robinson-Punter had enough, so she called the Troubleshooters.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Tropical Storm Ida blew through the Delaware Valley on September 1, 2021, leaving behind massive flooding and damage.

Gregg Nelms' house in Downingtown took in a lot of water, but another nuisance led him to call the Troubleshooters.

"Unfortunately, a lot of debris floated into our yard, including a dumpster that ended up on our side yard for several weeks," Nelms said.

That dumpster sat on his lawn for over a month.

"There was just cancellation and excuse after excuse. The dumpster sat there, I believe for six weeks," Nelms added.

Nelms finally called the Troubleshooters.

Twenty-four hours later, the dumpster was gone.

It wasn't that quick for Richelle Robinson-Punter of Northeast Philadelphia, but her situation also got resolved.

Her issue was getting traffic violation after traffic violation from the State of New York.

"I saw my license plate number, and I saw the make of the car, but not the model, and I was like, 'Wait a minute, I wasn't up in New York at that time,'" she said.

Robinson-Punter disputed the violation and won.

"I thought that would be that would be it, and I ended up receiving six, seven, eight more," she added. "It was $50 here, $50 here. They added up."

The car in the violation had her exact plate number, except on a New York license plate.

After many months she had had enough, so she called the Troubleshooters. It took a few weeks, but Robinson-Punter's name has now been cleared out of the system.

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