Don't get it twisted, actor Adam Shapiro is in the pretzel business

ByKarl Schmid Localish logo
Wednesday, June 30, 2021
Actor turns love of pretzels into thriving new business
Actor Adam Shapiro is known for his work in films like Mank and Steve Jobs. But during the pandemic he started making Philly style pretzels and now it's become a thriving busines.

LOS ANGELES -- Actor Adam Shapiro is obsessed with the Philly soft pretzels he grew up with.

Known for roles on the big and small screen such as the films, 'Steve Jobs', 'Mank' and 'Now You See Me', Adam Shapiro has had a successful career in front of the camera for 20 years.

"I've just been an actor twenty years, I'm obsessed with food," Shapiro told Localish LA's Karl Schmid.

It was that obsession and having to stay-at-home during this pandemic, unable to travel to Philly for the summer, Shapiro created his own Philly pretzel in his kitchen in Los Angeles and with that Shappy Pretzel Co. was born.

"All I did for the first three months of quarantine was roll pretzels and I would look at YouTube to learn," Shapiro said. "I just started messing around trying to make my own Philadelphia pretzel recipe."

So what is it about the Philly pretzel that sets it apart from all the rest?

"The Philly pretzel, it's not just the shape, the color, the flavor, it's the culture and if there's one thing about Philly pretzels, no one buys just one," said Shapiro.

And it would seem that just one is never enough. Shappy Pretzel Co. make several varieties including the sweet bite size Li' Albees, named after his son.

"You share them with your neighbors, your friends, your office, your school," Shapiro shared.

To order pretzels from Shappy Pretzel, just check out their Instagram @shappypretzel to find out where their pop up will be and then order directly and they will be ready for you to pick up.