Adam Weiner of local rock band Low Cut Connie serenades Action News morning team

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie serenades Action News morning team
Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie serenades Action News morning team: As seen on Action News Mornings, December 18, 2019

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Adam Weiner, the front man for the high-energy rock-and-boogie South Philadelphia band Low Cut Connie, stopped by the 6abc studios to promote an upcoming performance at Union Transfer and talk about his appearance on Matt O'Donnell's True Philadelphia Podcast.

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Adam serenaded Matt, Tamala Edwards, Karen Rogers and David Murphy with his hit songs "Beverly," "Dirty Water" and a mash-up version of the Action News theme.

The Cherry Hill East grad talked to Matt in the True Philadelphia Podcast about his musical influences, how writing one of his hit songs took several years, what goes into his jaw-dropping performances on stage and getting accolades from Bruce Springsteen and President Obama.

Adam also brought Matt to his studio basement to show him a piano he calls "Shondra" which has since been retired because of abuse on stage.

Included in the True Philadelphia Podcast featuring Adam Weiner:

- Excerpt of "Beverly" by Low Cut Connie (0:22)

- Adam offering his spontaneous rendition of the Action News Theme and his thoughts on the iconic song (3:07)

- Why hard work is an essential component to being a successful band (4:10)

- Low Cut Connie's mission statement and why the world needs more boogie (4:37)

- How he describes Low Cut Connie's sound to new listeners (5:28)

- On the band's latest album "Dirty Pictures (Part 2)" and how Philadelphia seeped into the music (6:38)

- Adam channeling his inner Bruce Springsteen in songwriting (7:43)

- Why "Born in the U.S.A." and "Purple Rain" were such important albums during his childhood (8:40)

- How an early version of the song "Beverly" first came together during his years performing in New York City, with Adam demonstrating on his piano "Nellie" (9:27)

- Who "Beverly" might actually be (12:20)

- Adam's live stage antics and how Iggy Pop provided influence (13:02)

- Why he considers himself an "advanced amateur" on the piano and how he learned how to play (15:17)

- Why Professor Longhair of New Orleans is his favorite piano player of all time (16:35)

- Famous people who love his band, including Bruce Springsteen, Elton John and President Obama (who put Low Cut Connie on his summer playlist of 2015) (20:50); on meeting President Obama and whether the new attention did anything for Low Cut Connie (22:05)

- Why the Philadelphia music scene is "fabulous" and why it is such a great home for Low Cut Connie (23:39)

- Why he named his favorite piano "Shondra" (24:50)

- Adam invites me to meet "Shondra," which is now being stored in a studio basement (25:58)

- Adam breaks out into a rendition of Sea of Love (27:35)

- If Jim Gardner will listen to this podcast (27:52)

- A slow rendition of "Beverly" (28:25)

- Why the song offers sadness and hope at the same time (29:35)

- His favorite artists of all time (30:45)

- A song from Toots and the Maytals (31:31)

- Why AC/DC was right when they sang "It's a Long Way to the Top If You Wanna Rock and Roll (32:20)

- Why his favorite Philadelphia spots are greasy delis (33:20)

- Adam plays an excerpt of his hit song "Boozophilia" (36:07)

Recorded at the Low Cut Connie studios in South Philadelphia on December 10, 2019.