11-year-old Aderrien Murry speaks out after being shot by police following 911 call

ByDeena Zaru and Sabina Ghebremedhin ABCNews logo
Tuesday, May 30, 2023
11-year-old boy speaks out after being shot by cop following 911 call
Aderrien Murry is recovering after the 11-year-old boy was shot by police at his Indianola, MS home, mother Nakala Murry said.

INDIANOLA, Miss. -- Aderrien Murry, the 11-year-old boy who was shot by police on May 20 after calling 911, spoke out about the harrowing experience in an exclusive interview with ABC News that is set to air on "Good Morning America" and "GMA3" on Tuesday.

"I came out of the room like this," Murry said with his hands above his head as he reflected on the incident in an interview with "GMA3" co-anchor DeMarco Morgan.

"It felt like a Taser, like a big punch to the chest," he added.

The boy's mother, Nakala Murry, previously told "GMA3" in an interview that aired on Thursday that her son was shot in the chest by a police officer who responded to their home in Indianola, Mississippi in the early morning hours of May 20 after her son called 911. Nakala Murry is now calling for the officer to be fired.

Nakala Murry told ABC News that she gave her son, Aderrien, the phone and asked him to call his grandmother, after Murry says she woke up around 4 a.m. on the morning of the incident, heard a knock on the window and saw her ex-boyfriend standing outside.

"I noticed he was kind of irate. And from dealing with him in the past, I know the irate version of him, what it could lead to," she told "GMA3."

ABC News has reached out to the ex-boyfriend but a request for comment was not immediately returned.

According to Nakala Murry, Aderrien first called the police and then he called his grandmother, who also called 911.

She explained that two officers responded to their home in Indianola, and her daughter's father asked her not to open the door as police tried to break in.

"I heard a shot and I saw my son run out toward where we were," she said recalling the shooting.

"[Aderrien] fell, bleeding," Nakala Murry added.

Indianola Mayor Ken Featherstone told ABC News on Wednesday that Indianola police officer Greg Capers fired the shot that hit Aderrien. Capers was suspended Monday, Featherstone said. ABC News' attempts to reach out to Capers directly were unsuccessful.

ABC News has reached out to the Indianola Police Department but they declined to comment.

According to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI), which is investigating the incident, officers responded to a domestic disturbance at the home, and a minor was significantly hurt from an "officer-involved shooting."

The results of the investigation will be shared with the Mississippi Attorney General's Office, the agency said.

Asked about the status of the investigation, the Mississippi District Attorney's Office referred all inquiries to the Mississippi Attorney General's Office.

"The Mississippi Attorney General's Office is tasked with reviewing and prosecuting all office- involved shootings. That being the case, we do not have any comment nor involvement in this investigation nor prosecution," the DA's office told ABC News.

The Mississippi Attorney General's Office did not respond to ABC News' request for comment.

ABC News' Katie O'Brien, Kimberly Ruiz and Emily Shapiro contributed to this report.