Star Wars enthusiasts celebrate 'Ahsoka' at ultimate fan event at Lucasfilm in SF

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Monday, November 13, 2023
Star Wars enthusiasts celebrate 'Ahsoka' at ultimate fan event
Fans attended the event dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Anticipation and excitement surrounding the new Star Wars series "Ahsoka" has never been higher. As a result, to thank fans for their enthusiasm, special screening events were held around the world, but only in San Francisco were fans treated to something extra special.

Attendees were invited to watch the first two episodes at Lucasfilm headquarters where all the magic is created.

"So many wonderful films have been made here so to be here among it is something else," longtime Star Wars fan Jay reveals. "That's a feeling that not very many people get a chance to do it".

After entering the building, guests found themselves surrounded by everything Star Wars. The lobby was decorated with artwork, memorabilia and even life-size props.

"It feels like we are not supposed to be here," attendee Nani confesses with a smile.

Fans could pose for photos, listen to a DJ and even participate in a lightsaber raffle.

"We have lightsabers everywhere, which was amazing to see," guest Caitlin declares. "You got to get the party started somehow."

After screening the episodes inside the state of the art Letterman Theater, excitement for the series was even higher.

"The acting was amazing" Nani says. "You could tell they put a lot of effort into this, even as a show it felt like a movie."

"I cannot wait for the next episodes," cosplayer Cami states.

The event concluded with all the guests gathering to create one last memory: a group photo in front of the iconic Yoda statue.

"To be shoulder to shoulder with all these passionate fans and creators just goosebumps everywhere," attendee Jay shares. "Something that I'm going to carry with me for a long time."

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