South Jersey family buying groceries for those in need during COVID-19 outbreak

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WPVI) -- As an act of kindness amid the coronavirus outbreak. A South Jersey family decided to spend more than $10,000 grocery shopping for families in need, as well as the elderly.

Chris Bruner and his wife Jessica are extending their help to families in Washington Township and the surrounding areas. They said they know they don't want anyone to go hungry and want to help at-risk individuals who feel uncomfortable leaving their home.

"We saw a lot of people in the Facebook groups and stuff that seemed scared," said Chris Bruner. "And we were kind of hoping that maybe there would be a silver lining on the other side of this and the silver lining would be the community kind of coming together to try to help each other out."

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COVID-19 stands for Coronavirus Disease 2019, which was when the first cases were reported.

Bruner explained his family company, American Construction in Cherry Hill, is buying the groceries and enlisting the help of employees to deliver to families throughout the area.

Bruner said there has been a drop in his construction business, so this is a way to continue paying employees for hours worked.

"We're purchasing the goods," said Bruner. "We're using all the business vehicles and we're basically using the infrastructure that we have as a business since we're not going to be as busy doing roofing, siding and windows and we're just trying to use it to help the community."

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Bruner and his employees have served about 200 families in the last 72 hours and said that the list is growing.

"Everything is closing. I'm going go to be out of work and I have two teenagers that stay at home so it's going to make me feel better that I can make sure they're fed," said recipient Ruthanne McCann of Williamstown.

Bruner says the most asked for items are diaper and baby formula. He said he has no plans on stopping but will follow federal and local guidelines.
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