Questions arise in Germantown shooting

January 1, 2008 9:32:49 PM PST
The question is who fired and when. Police say they confronted a man firing a gun into the air outside a house in the 5600 block of Boyer Street. Officers claim he pointed the gun at them while retreating into the house. Police fired repeatedly. Those inside dispute anyone tried to enter.

"As soon as we said 3-2-1 happy New Year, I heard gunshots," Clinton Rogers said.

"No, we were sitting by the door, so, basically, unless an invisible man came through the door, that's something different. No one came through the door," Nya West said.

It seems someone was firing into the air Monday night as cable crews had to repair lines damaged by gunshots. West and others in the house are adamant no one in their party was responsible. They say bullet holes that are in the house now came from police. Those outside say they tried to tell officers there were small children inside.

"There's two police officers in the street shooting in their house, we tell them there is kids in there, they tell us shut up, and continue to shoot in the house," Shatoine Deshields said.

Despite scrubbing, bloodstains were still evident Tuesday inside the house. Two adults were seriously wounded and 9-year-old Nyger Page was grazed.

"I felt something hit me and it hurt," Nyger Page said.

Police arrested 38-year-old Steven Walker and charged him as the original shooter, but Walker's nephew claims police arrested the wrong man and the actual shooter is still at large.

Clinton Rogers claims his uncle was in the basement of the house playing pool. He thinks, because of similar clothing, he was mistaken for the gunman. Rogers says he gave police the name of a 22-year-old man who fled the street after the incident, and, according to Rogers, is also wounded.

Police declined to talk on camera to Action News about the incident, citing an internal affairs investigation.