Call for Action gets results

January 7, 2008 6:08:54 PM PST
Mary Jane Gieringer had trouble with her family van. "I was towed in five times from May 9th through June 10," Gieringer said.

Gieringer says she paid a car repair company to fix it, but the company was unsuccessful and even after five months, they wouldn't resolve the situation to her satisfaction.

"I was like you got to be kidding me. This has been going on since June. I've made numerous telephone calls, asked so many people to help me. Nobody would do anything," Gieringer said.

Mary Jane then contacted Call for Action.

Last year, Call for Action opened 1,828 cases and helped retrieve 534,000 in refunds, goods, and services for our viewers.

Some of the larger complaint categories included housing, automobile, and utility issues. As for Mary Jane, after Call for Action got involved, the car repair shop finally paid for the work she had to get done at another facility.

"Jerri was the woman who took care of me. She was absolutely fabulous," Gieringer said. "She was phenomenal and the action she got was just unbelievable. I would recommend the consumer line anytime."

If you have a consumer issue you'd like help getting resolved, call 1-866-WPVI-CFA (1-866-978-4232). The hotline is staffed Monday through Friday from 11 am until 1pm. You can also email Call for Action right here at