Native Philadelphia author Steve Alten visits 6abc

April 3, 2008 12:21:45 PM PDT
Best Selling author and Philadelphia native, Steve Alten talks about his political thriller on the "Coffee Shop"

Action News anchor, Monica Malpass sat down with author Steve Alten to get the details on what inspired his fictional novel "The Shell Game."

"The Shell Game" is a political thriller about the fight for the last remaining oil.

Alten's novel explores a controversial subject: the hypothetical possibility that Uncle Sam may have not only known about 9-11 beforehand, but facilitated it to hide the real problem.

His book goes on to theorize that conservative governmental power brokers may actually be concocting the next crisis in the same vein.

Alten's work is a fictional piece that may offend some readers; even he admits being disturbed by the idea of it.