A stare tells a story & a mayor raps

January 9, 2008 9:05:07 PM PST
Kevin Connelly was born without legs. On his website he says that people often stare. A month ago a little boy asked him "if he was eaten by a shark." A woman once asked him he still wears his dog tags from Iraq.

Connelly said everyone is curious about his story, which inspired him to travel around the world to capture other people's stories with a snap of his camera.

On his website, www.therollingexhibition.com, the 22-year-old posted a gallery of photographs from his travels around the world rolling on his skateboard. From Japan to Romania, he photographed people as they stared at him.

Connelly said the stares do not offend him, but give him insight on their culture, background and individuality. His courage, resilience and beautiful photography are inspiring thousands.

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Stephen Landis of West Philadelphia enjoyed the site and said, "It's less about meeting people and more about not needing to meet people."

Mayor Nutter raps

A video that's fast-becoming viral can be seen right now on YouTube. Check out new Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter rapping at his inaugural celebration by clicking here.