Landlord charged with video peeping

January 10, 2008 4:07:43 PM PST
Police in Ewing Township have arrested an apartment complex landlord and have charged him with being a video voyeur.Parkside Court Apartment residents are reeling from the news that the complex supervisor, 40-year-old Jules Warner, has been arrested and charged with invasion of privacy.

Police say Warner planted a camera in the bathroom wall of his apartment, which also serves as the rental office. It was discovered Monday morning by a 22-year old-female rental agent.

"She went in, closed the door before turning on the lights. This allowed her to see a red light on the wall," Greg Smith of the Ewing police said.

The stunned woman immediately called the property manager.

"It was right there, it was obvious, just a shock that's all. I couldn't believe it," property manager Brian Kramer said.

Police, armed with a search warrant, recovered a camera, a VCR, but no tapes, and piles of cables strung through the unit.

"This line went from the bathroom near the toilet, down through the basement, across the ceiling, up the plumbing and into his bedroom," Ewing Police Detective William Wolverton said.

Residents were stunned.

"I wonder if he was really only watching adults? Was he watching children?," Tom McMath, an apartment resident, asked.

"We never know how long that camera's been in there, because people go in there to pay their rent," Rufus McKoy, another resident, said.

Warner turned himself into authorities Thursday morning and is being held on $10,000 bail.

"The state has a pretty heavy burden of proving, number one, that there was a camera, that observations were made," Paul Donini, Warner's attorney, said.

Tenants here are obviously upset and say they've been checking their apartments, to see if there are hidden cameras anywhere else.

"They have full access to everyone's homes and how do I know he didn't do that in mine?" Andrew Roberts, a resident, said.

Police are continuing the investigation.

Apartment complex officials say Jules Warner has been fired from his job.