Young students make music to fight crime

January 11, 2008 8:53:31 PM PST
Some talented young students are doing their part to fight crime in Philadelphia.

They sent out a musical message to stop the violence.

"I learned that you can't be shy and you have to open up to people and be who you want to be," said Yulissa Gonzalez.

With their strong voices, these elementary students are telling Philadelphia to stop the violence. They call themselves "The Little Saints" and they now have their very own CD through a music therapy program called Hear Our Voices.

"The CD has given them a way to put out into the community their insights and their views on what's happening in the community," said music therapist Michael David Viego.

The program was possible through a grant given to Temple University. With the help of some music therapists, the children play their own instruments, write their own lyrics and perform the songs themselves. They even came up with the idea of dedicating the CD to slain Officer Chuck Cassidy.

The grant is continuing, and in a few weeks first through third graders will also make their own CD.