Morning Team Ping-Pong

January 14, 2008 4:46:57 AM PST
During our coverage of the Olympic Table Tennis trials at Drexel University, Karen became supremely confident about her skills at the game.So much so, that she challenged Matt to a match. Game on.

Drexel was kind enough to lend us a table tennis table (they prefer that over ping-pong) on Friday, and here's how it went:

Matt vs. Tam and Karen: 10-2

Matt vs. Karen: 10-7

Matt vs. Tam: 10-5

Matt also played a quick match against Wally Green, a local table tennis phenom who may be one of the best around. He made the ball rise and fall, curve and drop, spin sideway, and rocket off my paddle. He's pretty good - and even threatened to beat Matt while using his cell phone as a paddle.

Click here to see YouTube video of Wally Green in action.

Our thanks to Drexel University for putting up with us for an hour.

Click here for information on the table tennis trials.