New passport rules, Cell Phones for Soldiers

January 15, 2008 6:33:28 AM PST
New passport rules take affect at the end of the month and there's a way to get rid of your cell phone while helping soldiers overseas. New travel requirements will soon go into effect that applies to people going to the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda, or Canada.

As of January 31st, U-S citizens traveling to the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda and Canada by sea or land must present both a proof of citizenship and proof of identity to return to America. This has already been required of air travelers.

You can use a birth certificate or naturalization certificate or passport to prove citizenship and a driver's license as proof of identity.

It might be a good idea to get a passport now. It's expected that by this summer, the government will accept only a passport as proof of citizenship.

The government normally takes four to six weeks to process passport applications.

However, you can get a passport in a matter of hours if you go in person to the Philadelphia passport office in Old City, but you do need to make an appointment and show proof of your upcoming departure date.

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If you have an old cell phone lying around, why not send it to a good cause? Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit group that sells old phones to a recycler for about $5 each.

It then uses the money to buy pre-paid phone cards that are shipped to the warzone. Soldiers can use them to call their families.

During the past three years, the group has given out more than 400,000 phone cards which equal 24 million precious minutes.

Cell Phones for Soldiers was started by a brother and sister when they were just teenagers.

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