U Voice at Penn

January 24, 2008 7:02:46 AM PST
Welcome to U Voice, a periodical snapshot featuring some of the younger voices in the 2008 vote.We here at 6abc.com and Action News are excited about this opportunity to broaden the spectrum of reaction to what is going on in this fascinating presidential campaign.

In our "inaugural" edition of U Voice, I visited the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Members of the College Republicans and College Democrats gathered in the Ben Franklin Room at Houston Hall to talk about...well, anything they wanted.

Watch our discussion by clicking on the first video above. Our second video clip features a game I like to call "Name the Nominee." Each Penn student predicts the winners of the Republican and Democratic nomination, and then picks the eventual winner of the general election in November. Are their surprises? You be the judge.

Our participants included:

Brian Quimby, Kelly Siddle and Sean-Tamba Matthew of the College Republicans (click here for their website)

Clayton Robinson, Lauren Burdette and Mukul Sharma of the College Democrats (click here for their website)

If you are interested in participating in our U Voice discussion, contact us here.