U Voice at Rutgers-Camden

January 24, 2008 8:25:38 AM PST
U Voice paid a visit to Rutgers-Camden, home of the Scarlet Raptors.Ten students gathered at the Campus Center for what turned out to be a heated discussion at times. They talked about why young voters stay home on Election Day, what the nation should be doing to protect its citizens at home and interests abroad, and ...

They played the new 6abc.com game that is growing in popularity with each web click. It is a U Voice exclusive called "Name the Nominee." Each student involved in the discussion indicates who he or she thinks will win each party's nomination, and the general election. Some of our Rutgers-Camden students had humorous responses.

Watch the two videos above and join in the conversation. You can post messages at the bottom of this story page.

U Voice participants:

Bilal Zivali, Khary Golden, Nicole Lister, Shoshana Milovsky, Jason Krisch, Randy Ford, John Moldovan, Darby Dent, Justin Torres, Danielle Reiss