High tech security planned for DRPA bridges

January 28, 2008 4:27:13 PM PST
Financial help is coming from Washington for the purpose of beefing up security on the Delaware River Port Authority bridges and the PATCO high speed line. Since 9-11, the Joint Terror Task force has investigated a number of potential threats to Delaware Valley bridges. The investigators will soon have extra eyes and ears.

Video surveillance of the bridges and the PATCO High speed line is going high tech.

PATCO's nerve center is where they monitor the existing surveillance cameras. They are outmoded and don't record. Operators can't rewind the tape if they see something suspicious because there is no tape.

A $4-million-dollar Homeland Security grant will be spent on so-called intelligent digital cameras that not only record, but also take notice of unusual events and sound the alarm.

The cameras will be installed on all four bridges operated by the Delaware River Port Authority and along all 14 miles of the PATCO line.

The cameras will be installed by the end of this year, seven years after 9-11. Even then, they won't be expected to prevent an attack. They'll mostly be used as investigative tools to gather evidence, after the fact.