Finding love on the net

February 6, 2008 9:06:28 PM PST
If you are as frustrated with online dating as you are with traditional dating don't give up yet. "It is hard to meet the right person. When you're out this way, it's telling people 'hey I'm available and this is me,'" said Amy Weinstein, an online dater.

Weinstein isn't unlucky in love. She says she just hasn't found "the one." That's why she is giving online dating another shot.

"It's tough to put things down on paper, just get that right off the bat," explained Life Strategist Gail Kasper. She looked at Amy's online profile, plus hundreds of others searching for love online, in hopes she could pick out some of the biggest dating mistakes.

"We know who we are. Relaying it to someone else is a challenge," she said.

Kasper says three things to think about when it comes to creating an online dating profile are body language, tone of voice and words. All these things must reflect confidence and a positive attitude about dating online. For example don't use phrases like "I can't believe I'm doing this" or "I must be desperate." Negativity is a big NO!

"When it comes to your bio, get straight to the point. People want to know who you are," said Kasper.

So be truthful and get into detail. List interests and your goals.

"That says credibility, so if you include those elements people can connect with them. They see them as true and real," she said.

Sounds easy enough, but Kasper says most profiles she checked out included a lot of useless information.

"Some of the biggest mistakes I've seen people make are in the photo. If see someone in a picture with someone else, you wonder in your mind are they going on the date with the person," Kasper said.

Kasper said include only recent photos that show you doing a range of some of your favorite things. A BIG DON'T: lying about height, weight or even if you don't have all your hair!

Still having a hard time making a love connection? Request backup! Ask friends and family to help you write down some of your best personality traits because they know you best.