Marketplace Links

February 7, 2008 1:34:38 PM PST
Advertisers large and small can now reach the online audience in the Philadelphia in a whole new way: Marketplace Links. Marketplace Links puts your ads next to relevant content from 6abc.Sign up now for Marketplace Links!

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Benefits of the Marketplace Links program
  • It's affordable!

  • You set the bid, you set the budget, you tell us how much you want to spend. Bids start as low as $0.20 per click, and you pay only when a user clicks on your ad.

  • It's highly targeted!

  • Dynamic matching of ads to specific content pages increases the chances that those clicking on your ad are actively interested in your product or service offering, thus increasing sale conversions.

  • It's easy!

  • You can launch Marketplace Links in a few simple steps. We even help the process by looking at your site and suggesting relevant topic choices to bid on.

  • It's immediate!

  • Your ads will launch the same day as your account is established and funds are deposited.
How it works
  • Marketplace Links works with a cost-per-click program.

  • The program is simple: We promote your product or service to our audience through your ads placed on 6abc. When a visitor demonstrates an interest in your product or service by clicking on your ad, you pay for that targeted click. (If your ad is displayed but not clicked upon, you pay nothing.) We also allow you to control your costs by setting a daily budget cap.

  • Our cost-per-click program is an auction-based system.

  • You set the price you're willing to pay for each click on a particular topic. (There is a minimum bid amount for each topic - your bid must match or exceed that amount to be considered.) Ads with the highest bids will receive the most exposure on relevant pages.
Plus, your ads will appear on pages that have content associated with the topics you bid upon. Marketplace Links use a highly targeted ad serving platform - managed by our partner AdSonar - that scans pages on our site and matches it to your ad.
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