Garden tips from a real pro

May 8, 2008 12:42:05 PM PDT
Gregg and Missie Aprill are the caretakers -- and ENTIRE WORK CREW-- for Leaming's Run Gardens in Swainton, NJ. The 20 acre garden is the largest annual garden in the country. Together Gregg and Missie plant 20 thousand flowers a year. There are 25 different gardens, each with it's own theme. (Click on David Murphy and Karen Rogers's morning show adventure to see video of the gardens)

So, what advice can we gleam from these experts? Gregg offers a few simple tips that everyone can use. First plant your plants closer together. When they get bigger they will look much fuller.

Plant your seeds, or flowers in "muddy puddles". Dig a hole, add some water and mix up the dirt and water to form a sloppy mud puddle. Then squish the plant into the muck. The plant will be fully surrounded by dirt with no air pockets will greatly enhances the survival rate.

Next, the Aprill's only water their garden at night. Plants naturally wilt when the temperature climbs above 75 degrees. Plants wilt to conserve energy. Most people go out into their garden in the middle of a hot summer afternoon, see their plants are wilted and proceed to water the hot plants with ice cold water in effect killing them. The magic rule is to stay out of your garden during the day, sit on the porch and drink lemonade. Then after the sun has set for about an hour go out into your garden and you will see your plants have all sprung back to life. If not then they need to be watered. Watering at night allows the water to soak in all night and then evaporate what is not used as the morning sun rises. Watering in the morning, the water evaporates before it can soak in. Many people fear watering at night cause fungus. The Aprill's say that's nonsense. The Aprill's remind us whenever there is a thunderstorm at night, we don't see fungus on the plants.

If you'd like to see Leaming's Run Gardens click on David Murphy and Karen Roger's morning show adventure "Finding a hidden treasure". (Although, keep in mind we previewed the gardens before they were in full bloom!)

For more information on Leaming's Run Gardens visit their website!

Happy Gardening!

Karen Rogers