Triplets' leap day birthday

February 29, 2008 4:07:12 PM PST
Identical triplets Sarah, Molly, and Erica Newman of Forked River are celebrating a birthday, but which birthday is it?They were born on February 29, Leap Day, 1996. The girls are turning 12 years old.

Their mom believes the Newman girls may be the only identical triplets in the country born on Leap Day.

But there is that question: If leap day, February 29, comes only once every four years, does that mean the triplets are actually turning three?

"February 29 only comes every four years so we're pretty much three," Erica said.

"This one kid in my class was like what? So you're the oldest and the youngest in the class? And I'm like yeah," Molly said.

"It's cool to be three and twelve at the same time and when you get older you can be young at the same time," Sarah said.

"Sometimes I tell them that they're three because they act like they're three!" Sue Newman, the girls' mother, said.

Since most years there is no February 29 on the calendar, the triplets usually celebrate on March 1.

The triplets are 5th graders at Mill Pond Elementary in Lanoka Harbor. Sarah, Molly and Erica may look alike but lest you "leap" to any conclusions they have very different personalities and tastes. Their mom has to bake three different cakes which may be why she's glad leap day doesn't come around all that often.