Tuned In to The Milwaukees

March 2, 2008 10:28:36 AM PST
Our featured artists this week are The Milwaukees. They are a New Jersey based Rock band .We recently caught up with them at The Khyber in the Old City section of Philadelphia. Here is the biography submitted to us by them. "NJ - The anthemic, no-frills jubilance of the greatest American rock 'n' roll bands seems to have skipped the current crop of rising indie acts. But it's hardly been lost on THE MILWAUKEES.

A band from New Jersey that proudly believes in rock 'n' roll's redemptive spirit, THE MILWAUKEES have captured their full-throttle, take-no-prisoners live shows in the studio and brought their exciting in-concert reputation to CD with the release of AMERICAN ANTHEMS, vol. 1 (City Desk Records), touted by All Music Guide as "a rock masterpiece for a new generation."

The songs on AMERICAN ANTHEMS, vol. 1, with their "anthemic, heartland-rock quality" (Star-Ledger), are snapshots of American life, experienced by a band that has criss-crossed the U.S. enough times to kill four vans and has gained a complete perspective by touring all over the world.

"We were born and raised in the country that gave birth to rock 'n' roll and we are celebrating that tradition and chasing the dream," says frontman and resident ringleader Dylan St. Clark (Guitar/Vox), whose supporting cast in THE MILWAUKEES is Jeff Nordstedt (Guitar), Patrick "the Mayor" Fusco (Backbeat) and Donovan Cain (Low End). "The album is both proud and critical. Our goal was not get on a soapbox and preach. We'll paint the pictures and tell the stories and let the listeners decide."

Produced with the band by Wayne Dorell, AMERICAN ANTHEMS vol. 1 displays the maturity of a band comfortably immersed in a thrilling new level of confidence. THE MILWAUKEES no longer are encumbered by the trendy tendencies of youthful inexperience. In that respect, the new CD may be a stylistic departure, but it's the logical step in the band's ongoing quest to make urgent music that's melodically memorable. More than ever, THE MILWAUKEES are bridging the tension between being "charmingly arrogant," as they've been called, and "hard-working showmen, like the E Street Band at its zenith."

The Milwaukees.? Memorable music for the masses.? Engaging, raw, instantly approachable - and timeless.

Like a great American rock 'n' roll band should be."

Please enjoy the performance video from their show at The Khyber.

You are now Tuned In to The Milwaukees.

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