Weapons, ammunition, IDs found in home

March 3, 2008 10:20:37 AM PST
We are learning new information about a late-night police investigation that uncovered a stockpile of weapons, ammunition, and badges.

Early Monday morning police remained on the scene in the 3000 block of West Oxford Avenue after a domestic call netted them some surprising evidence.

A man who lives in the home has been charge with weapons offenses.

Police discovered automatic weapons and ammunition as they were looking for evidence.

The officers originally responded to the call that a man was holding a gun on a woman. Both the man and the woman were taken in for questioning.

Homeland Security officers were called in after police found something potentially even more suspicious than all the weapons. They also found numerous law enforcement badges. For now, it's not clear if the badges are real, stolen or fake. Early indications are that the badges are from a private security firm, and not from police or fire departments. Action News has also learned that police found several identification cards that could be government-related.