UPenn Dems endorse Obama

March 6, 2008 1:03:07 PM PST
The Obama campaign announced today that the University of Pennsylvania Democrats endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President, citing him as a champion on ethics, fiscal policy, and healthcare reform. "Senator Obama supports drastic reform in education, fiscal policy, and healthcare," said the Pennsylvania Democrats. "Obama has been consistent in his outspoken criticism of the war in Iraq, and the Penn Democrats have confidence in his plan to bring our troops home, while at the same time promoting regional diplomacy."

"The Democratic Party has made the most difference in people's lives when we've led not by polls, but by principle; not by triangulation and calculation, but by conviction; when we've had leaders who could summon the entire nation to a common purpose, a higher purpose" said Senator Obama. "As an organization, the University of Pennsylvania Democrats has continued to foster true leadership in the Democratic Party and it is an honor to receive their support."

The University of Pennsylvania Democrats is one of the largest political organizations at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the largest campus democratic groups in the nation. The organization represents over 2,100 members is dedicated to registering voters, educating fellow students, and electing Democrats. In 2006, the organization knocked on over 15, 000 doors during a highly contested house race on behalf of now freshman Congressman Patrick Murphy.

The above information is taken from a press release.