Elderly woman fights back against crook

March 10, 2008 4:41:58 PM PDT
A crook in Delaware got more than he bargained for when he tried to rob a 77-year-old woman. That woman was a former deputy sheriff ... and fought back. Marie Robinson feels certain the man who broke into her house and demanded her purse last week knew she had just hit the jackpot at the Dover Downs Casino, but she's betting he didn't know is she's an ex-chief deputy sheriff, who at age 77, still knows how to wallop a punch.

"He turned around, as he turned around I just, (swinging) like that to him. Evidently I must hurt him pretty bad cause he bled through the mask," said Robinson.

She used a Blackjack she's had since 1958. The bleeding bandit did make off with her purse but this ex-cop knew it was empty when she handed it over. A bruised Robinson saying she hid her jackpot winnings when she feared 3 men followed her home.

"They thought I was an old woman who was half crippled and couldn't handle herself. But I showed them I could," she said.

Oddly enough Robinson was robbed on the very same day she answered a telephone survey. The question: Is it time for the tiny town of Townsend to have its own police department?

Pamela Wright of Townsend says, "I think that every town should have at least a couple of cops." And a couple of cops is all this town of 480 homes needs according to Townsend's mayor. He plans to send a written survey to residents this week about its options, which include asking the nearby Middletown Police Department for help, paying New Castle County Police to do the job, or to continue depending on Delaware State Police who quickly responded to Marie Robinson's rural home.

Either way Mayor David Raughley says residents will have to pay more for police protection. "Our options are very limited. To increase law enforcement and residents not see a cost."

Marie Robinson knows what her response will be, saying, "I think we need more policemen, I really do."